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"Convivio" Square School Table "Convivio" Square School Table


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"Convivio" Square School Table

"Convivio" Square School Table

Square Table for Schools, Classrooms, Kindergarten, School Cafeterias and whenever there is a requirement for strong, functional, practical tables. Multifunctional and versatile table; versatility is an important feature: they are very easy to fit and, due to the different shapes available, can be combined in many complex ways.

4-legged metal frame that are made powder coated metal with embossed aluminium, chromium-plated, white and black finish. Tops available in many materials, dimensions, colours and finishes. Steel frame mm. 40×25, with square legs mm.40×40 or round legs diam.40, adjustable feet.

Standard Top sizes:
-square cm. 60x60 - 70x70 - 80x80 - 90x90
-rectangular cm. 120x60 - 120x80 - 140x60 - 140x80 - 160x60 - 160x80 - 180x60 - 180x80 - 200x60 - 200x80
-round cm. Ø 120 - 130 - 140 - 150 - 160 - 170 - 180

Matching Tops in Melamine, Laminate, HPL Laminate, Werzalit, Multilayer, Solid Wood or other materials. Available in various sizes, colors and finishes.

Outdoor Version / Other Sizes / Customized Height / Table Trolleys / Links / Fireproof or waterproof Tops

Catas Certified
  • Made in Italy
  • Catas
  • Also Fireproof